The Integrated MPA Program is an integrated three-year program beyond the sophomore year in which qualified students earn the Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and the Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) degrees concurrently. Four "tracks" within the program allow students the opportunity to develop specialized expertise in one of these areas of accounting: 

(1) Financial Reporting/Assurance, (2) Managerial, (3) Tax, and (4) Generalist.

The Department of Accounting created this program in 1985. Because of the expanding body of knowledge underlying the practice of accountancy, the faculty believed that four years of formal education would not adequately prepare students for the accounting profession. In a rapidly changing business environment, which is increasingly driven by technology and globally focused, further specialization enhances an individual's opportunity for success.

In 1989, the Texas Legislature reached similar conclusions, and adopted legislation mandating 150 semester hours of higher education to become a Certified Public Accountant in Texas, effective in 1997. The Integrated MPA meets and exceeds the requirements of the Texas legislation and has become a model for other universities throughout the state and across the country that are attempting to comply with the growing adoption of 150-hour laws.

The additional academic training focuses on improving students' written and verbal communication skills, which executives in accounting and business organizations emphasize as "keys" to career success. The additional academic preparation also develops stronger problem-solving skills. The curriculum reflects a broad educational base, combined with technical depth in accounting

Students have frequent opportunities to interact with the professional world through speaker programs, receptions, academic challenges, workshops, and internships.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is earned upon the completion of an undergraduate major in accounting. The objective of the BBA curriculum is to provide students with a broad overall education, solid grounding in the common body of knowledge of business administration, and exposure to accounting in sufficient depth to help them achieve entry-level competence for pursuit of a career in public accounting, government or industry.

The Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) is a graduate-level degree, which develops strong technical and professional accounting skills considerably beyond the introductory courses presented to undergraduates. The MPA program emphasizes the skills needed to succeed in the business community, including teamwork, leadership, and the ability to communicate effectively. The University of Texas faculty is nationally acclaimed for its contributions to accounting research and curriculum development. The MPA curriculum has been carefully managed by the faculty to meet the educational needs of outstanding students seeking distinguished careers in public accounting, industry, not-for-profit organizations, consulting, financial institutions and academe.